JANUARY 23 & 24

YMAA International

As we ring in the new year amidst a global pandemic, YMAA International would like to reconnect the community & remind our members that our strengths lie in our martial history, dedicated teachers & students, and lifelong friendships. We bring to you our first international virtual camp!

Although we miss in-person interaction, the online format gives us the unique opportunity to assemble more high quality YMAA instructors from around the world to reach a wider audience.


This event aims to raise awareness of the offerings available through our vast network of YMAA schools. Many school directors are offering online classes and workshops as they are forced to halt in-person classes due to the pandemic.

The funds raised from this event will support the new YMAA International organization and YMAA schools in danger of closing. The organization will be entering a new phase under the leadership of a board of directors. Its mission remains the same:

To preserve, develop, and promote traditional Chinese martial arts and qigong in the international community.

YMAA International Camps began in 2000 as an event to connect students from all over the world with each other and with our grandmaster, Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming. Past camps have been held in France, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, and South Africa. South American schools have also hosted regional camps in Argentina and Chile.

Week-long events would include intensive training in various subjects, Shaolin & Taiji exams, demonstrations, sightseeing field trips, and nights of fun with our extended YMAA family.

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Camp Instructors

  • dr. yang

    Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming

    YMAA Retreat Center

    Dr. Yang began his martial arts training in Taiwan in 1961. He later established YMAA (Yang's Martial Arts Association), which has grown into an international organization. Dr. Yang is now considered one of the most respected & influential teachers in the martial arts and qigong communities.

  • image2.png

    Bill Buckley

    Gateway Taiji, Qigong & Yoga

    Bill is the founder and head instructor at GateWay Taiji, Qigong & Yoga in Portsmouth, NH. He is a long time Taijiquan & Qigong practitioner, beginning his YMAA studies with Dr. Yang in 1989. Bill now holds a YMAA Taijiquan 5th level rank and is also YMAA certified as a Qin Na Instructor and Qigong Master.

  • Corlius Birkill

    YMAA South Africa

    Corlius began studying martial arts in 1979. He discovered YMAA in 1995 and has since earned his YMAA 10th level rank in Shaolin. He is president & head instructor in YMAA South Africa and is a disciple of Dr. Yang.

  • Daniel Chadud

    Newendao – YMAA Chile

    Daniel began his internal arts training in 1998 and joined YMAA in 2004. He has become the first Latin American to obtain a YMAA Instructor ranking in Taijiquan. He is currently regional director of YMAA Latin America, with affiliated schools in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, and Venezuela.

  • David Silver

    YMAA Publication Center

    David developed a lifelong interest in meditation as part of his Gojū Ryū Karate training starting at age 11. He later studied Taijiquan, Qigong, and Yoga, and eventually became certified as a YMAA Qigong Instructor in 2006. He now offers qigong classes and works as the video director for YMAA Publications.

  • Enrico Tomei

    YMAA Italy – Apulia

    Enrico began his YMAA training in 2005. He later joined Dr. Yang's 5-year training program at the Retreat Center in 2013, graduating in 2018. He currently holds YMAA Shaolin 6th level & Taijiquan 3rd level ranks. Enrico is the president of YMAA Italy and is a disciple of Dr. Yang.

  • Jonathan Chang

    Barking Rabbit

    Jonathan began his YMAA practices in 1992 in Andover, MA. He enrolled in Dr. Yang's 10-year training program in 2008, graduating in 2018. He has earned his YMAA Shaolin 10th level & Taijiquan 5th level ranks. Jonathan is a disciple of Dr. Yang.

  • Michelle Lin

    Barking Rabbit

    Michelle began her YMAA training in 1998 in Andover, MA. In 2013, she was accepted as the first female student in Dr. Yang's Retreat Center project, graduating in 2018. She holds YMAA Shaolin 6th level & Taijiquan 3rd level ranks, and is a disciple of Dr. Yang.

  • Olivier.tif

    Olivier Pardo

    YMAA London

    Olivier is the director of YMAA London in the UK. He has been training within YMAA for 25 years and has earned his Taijiquan 5th level & Shaolin 6th level ranks. He is a scientist by trade and the leader of a cancer research laboratory at Imperial College, London.

  • Paul Moran

    YMAA Ireland – Dublin

    Paul is president & head instructor of YMAA Ireland in Dublin. He began training boxing under his father's tutelage in 1980 and won many local & national titles over the next 20 years. He discovered YMAA in 1996 and now has his Shaolin 7th level rank. Paul is dedicated to developing a full martial arts skillset.

  • Portait.jpg

    Pedro Rodrigues

    YMAA Portugal – Amadora

    Pedro began his martial arts journey in 1984, and discovered YMAA in 1992. He co-founded YMAA Portugal in 1998 and has since earned a master title in both Shaolin & Taijiquan training. Pedro is a disciple of Dr. Yang.



  • Taiji Symbol

    The training of Taiji Symbol is one of the most important foundations in Taijiquan practice. It develops the basic level of the internal jing feeling (Silk Reeling Jing): the movement starts in the legs, raises as a spiral inside the body and is manifested in the arms and hands. This class will explore how Taiji Symbol solo practice can improve this internal feeling within the Taiji sequence movements, so that they can be smooth and continuous without interruptions in the energy flow.

    with Enrico Tomei

    (60 min)

  • Shaolin White Crane

    White Crane is a southern style of Chinese martial arts that excels in short to mid-ranged combat. It is a soft-hard style and places equal emphasis on the internal and external sides of training. In this class, we will focus on fundamental movements and patterns in order to begin building an understanding and feeling for White Crane training.

    with Jonathan Chang

    (45 min)

  • Soft White Crane Qigong

    Soft White Crane Qigong is a gentle, energetic practice that imitates the motions of a crane. Soft White Crane Qigong is a form of Martial Qigong and is focused connecting the six physical “bows” of the body (two legs, two arms, chest and back) with their energetic paths. This practice focuses on Grand Circulation breathing and keeping the body soft and relaxed while developing connected, whole body motion.

    with Bill Buckley

    (60 min)

  • Qin Na in Sparring

    Qin Na (“Chin Na,” Joint Lock/Control) is one of the 4 main fighting categories of martial arts. The others are: kicking, striking, and Shuai Jiao (Chinese Wrestling). This class will cover drills to set up and apply Qin Na techniques in sparring. Suitable for Shaolin and Taiji students.

    with Corlius Birkill

    A willing partner


    (90 min)

  • Meridian Qigong

    Meridian Qigong consists of a series of movements to open all the qi channels to the body’s extremities. Each morning before getting out of bed, Dr. Yang practices these yoga stretches, qigong patterns, and acupressure techniques. These movements can promote general health, maintain youth, and allow the body to carry out its natural functions more smoothly.

    Don’t miss this rare opportunity to learn from Dr. Yang at a special discount in the spirit of the YMAA International Virtual Camp! Retail rate is $200.

    with Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming

    (120 min)

  • Taiji Ball Qigong

    Taiji Ball practice helps students develop a feeling of roundness and fluidity in the entire body. It is an important foundation for body conditioning, qigong, Grand Circulation, and martial applications. We will be organized into 2 groups, one for basic training and one for advanced training.

    with Olivier Pardo

    Taiji or sports ball


    (75 min)

  • Softness in Taijiquan

    In solo Taijiquan practice, softness comes from flexibility and the control of one’s movements. This class will break down “coiling” and a few qigong patterns to help practitioners develop softness in their Taijiquan training. We will explore several postures from the Yang-style long form. Beginners are welcome and experienced students can refine their movements.

    with Michelle Lin

    (45 min)

  • Chinese Wrestling (Shuai Jiao)

    Shuai Jiao (Chinese Wrestling) is one of the 4 main fighting categories of martial arts. The others are: kicking, striking, and Qin Na (“Chin Na,” joint lock/control). This class will cover solo Shuai Jiao basics techniques to be performed with a belt for the coordination of throws and power (jing) manifestation.

    with Pedro Rodrigues

    Training belt or sash


    (45 min)

  • Sanda Striking

    Sanda is a full contact Chinese combat sport. This class will focus on solo practice to develop punching and kicking combinations, misdirection, feints, distancing and working the angles to apply the techniques. We will work front, side, round and turning kicks with dynamic hands techniques from short and medium range. The 1-hour class includes warmup and cool down.

    with Paul Moran

    Training gloves


    (60 min)

  • Qigong Meditation

    Introduction to general meditation and how to understand the distinctive characteristics of qigong meditation.
    Through a step-by-step guide, practitioners will experience qigong meditation and enjoy the benefits of this internal practice. We'll practice synchronizing the 2 energy centers (dan tians), so they can stimulate the brain for multiple effects of health and spiritual cultivation.

    with Daniel Chadud

    (75 min)

  • YogaQi

    YogaQi® (pronounced "yoga chi") combines flowing qigong movements and traditional yoga postures to stretch, energize and relax your entire body, combining breathing, movement and mental focus to explore, enhance and circulate the body’s qi.

    with Bill Buckley

    (60 min)

  • Taiji Free Stepping

    For practitioners who have learned at least part 1 of the Taijiquan long form, we'll explore changes in angles and stepping, making variations to the regular stepping structure of the form. Ideal for small spaces during quarantine, the use of emptiness and fullness (Yin & Yang) will open new options to bring freedom and adaptation to your everyday practice.

    with Daniel Chadud

    (60 min)

  • Taiji Ball Qigong

    Taiji Ball practice helps students develop a feeling of roundness and fluidity in the entire body. It is an important foundation for body conditioning, qigong, Grand Circulation, and martial applications. We will be organized into 2 groups, one for basic training and one for advanced training.

    with Olivier Pardo

    Taiji or sports ball


    (75 min)

  • Immune System Qigong

    This 1-hour class will cover key points to boost and maintain the immune system. Students will gain a better understanding of how and when to use “Ha” Sound Breathing and Scholar Fire Qigong for everyday health maintenance. Participants should wear loose clothing and drink a little water before class.

    with David Silver

    (60 min)

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