Sat, Apr 24


Webinar with Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming

External & Internal Elixirs Qigong

External and Internal Elixir Qigong will introduce concepts of External and Internal Elixir practices, the body’s Qi network, and Muscle/Tendon Changing and Brain/Marrow Washing Qigong.

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External & Internal Elixirs Qigong

Time & Location

Apr 24, 2021, 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT

Webinar with Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming

About the event

Chinese Qìgōng can generally be categorized into External Elixir (Wàidān, 外丹) and Internal Elixir (Nèidān, 內丹) Qìgōng. In External Elixir Qìgōng practice, a student learns how to build up the Qì to a higher level in the limbs and at the surface of the body. He or she then allows it to flow inward to the center of the body to nourish the internal organs. Through this practice, Qì circulation can be improved and enhanced to achieve the goal of maintaining health. Physical exercise, acupuncture, acupressure, and massage are considered external elixir practices.

In Internal Elixir Qìgōng practice, a practitioner will build up the Qì internally through proper breathing and meditation methods. When the Qì has been built up to an abundant level, it will then be distributed outward to nourish the entire body and enhance its vital functions. Small Circulation (Xiǎozhōutiān, 小周天) and Embryonic Breathing (Tāixī, 胎息) meditations are considered internal elixir practices.

In comparison to Internal Elixir Qìgōng, External Elixir Qìgōng practice is simpler, easier and safer to practice. However, the benefits that can be obtained from External Elixir practice are limited to enhancing the health of the physical body. If one wishes to reach the goal of longevity and spiritual enlightenment, Internal Elixir Qìgōng practice is essential.

This webinar will introduce the following concepts:

  • What are External and Internal Elixir? What are examples of each practice?
  • The body’s Qì network
  • Qì Channels and Vessels
  • Muscle/Tendon Changing and Brain/Marrow Washing Qìgōng
  • Foundations of External and Internal Elixirs

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